Catching up this month

Earlier this month the writers and editors over at Slate starting wondering what cultural artifacts our new millennium would leave behind. Reading the article reminded me of when I was a kid and my brother and I were heavy into the Indian Jones, lost treasure, and anthropology. (I’m pretty sure this was after dinosaurs but before X-Men). Anyway, we tried to think of what kind of treasures we would leave behind, and what people 200 years from now would think about it. (From what I remember we thought that Barbie would be mistaken for a house hold goddess/idol and Hot Wheels precious currency).
Obviously those are artifacts from the previous millennium, but it’s an interesting list worth looking at.

Slate is also doing some silly internet polling….so you can go vote and the wonder at the idiots who think “The Star Wars Kid” is going to survive the next 100 years.

This month was also the NYC Marathon. Christoph Niemann, the all-around fantastic illustrator, did a great live illustration of the event…while running the 26.2 miles. It’s charming and a really nice way to see how someone’s brain works when it’s running that far. Apparently you think about bananas and pen caps. If nothing else, you should absolutely check out his work.

And in follow up, I remember when this project, 3191 a Year of Mornings ,was just a beautiful blog of pretty pretty images. Now it looks like it’s taken off in some great ways. If you get the chance,take some time to enjoy the peaceful images. When you are wondering at the beauty of toast try not to think about how disorganized and chaotic your mornings are. I just have to believe those ladies have a “beautify” lens on their cameras that instantly turns a bowl of oatmeal into art…


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