Why didn’t they have books like this at my middle school?

the London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd

london eye

Ted and his sister watch as their cousin Salim enters a pod on the London Eye and follow his progress around the wheel; when the pod empties, Salim isn’t there. The book records the events that follow Salim’s disappearance

Dowd’s characters are absolutely compelling and the plot simple but well developed. Nothing in the book felt overblown or overwrought (you know how mysteries can quickly spin out of the norm). Dowd keeps the plot tight and grounded, and that sense of reality makes it all the more gripping. Ted is a wonderfully insightful narrator, and his  relationship with his sister is spot on. It a fun quick read, perfect for summer afternoons in the park.

Check out her website for an excerpt and a few other reviews.


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