love yo mama

love, mom

I got sucked into the internet void this afternoon looking at this website, postcards from yo mama.

The whole concept is pretty brilliant: a website to post emails from or IM chats with your mom. Mothers are one of the best sources for stories, and  these flashes of insight are both laugh-out-loud funny and cringe-worthy. Ahh… such are mom stories.   Mom stories usually start as harmless rants and then break into a game of one-upping, “oh yeah, well my mom…” or “that’s nothing my mom is even crazier.” Until the only thing left to do is drunk dial your mom.

Needless to say, I’ll be looking at their book when it comes out on March 24th.

And I just have to add, that my mom is NOT one to be counted among the crazy. If anything, she should start a blog collecting all the wacky voice mails and emails I send HER.

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