The Moth!


           Last night I *finally* made it to a Moth show. I’ve been a long            time  listener of the podcast, but never had the pleasure of                          attending a live show…and it rocked my socks. It’s fantastic! If you        ever get the opportunity…take it, 6 bucks!  

          The stories last night were all about “Foreign Soil,” and over all I        was impressed by the performances. A couple stories felt over rehearsed and off topic, but the majority of tellers had a great blend of humor, insight, and authenticity. The best part of hearing the stories live was being reminded of my own adventures on foreign soil. I hadn’t thought of my study abroad in years. (some of the memories should remain rightfully buried).  This memory-recall doesn’t really happen when I’m listening to the podcast; I think the ipod/computer is just to removed. But as I listened to the stories last night it was great to be reminded  that we all have stories to share and we are always telling stories and listening to stories. Last night I remembered why I studied writing and why I think writing/storytelling is important…it is one of the essential bits to being human. 

When you get the chance listen to a story. 

A little about the Moth
The Moth is a non-profit storytelling organization, that was established about 10 years ago and now has six ongoing programs in major cities. This is storytelling + improve at it’s best. Members of the audience, selected out of a hat, have 5 min to tell a personal story that relates to the theme of the evening. Each performer is judged by the audience and a host guides the evening. I know it starts to sound like slam-poetry…but this is WAY BETTER. 

You can check out their web site here

Or download their podcast.


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