New kinda post

I had an epiphany this week…I’m a terrible blogger. I’m not consistent, and when I do the articles are kinda long.  So in a effort to work on a new years resolution (blog more) I’m going to completely ignore the “review” part of my blog. I’ll still post reviews, but I will also post more links and photos. 

So here you go, articles and images that have captured my imagination this week. 

Fictional Men Worth Loving a fun article from the Wall Street Journal

I’d like to add a few from my personal list:
Peter Lake in Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin

I love bacon, but this kinda makes me gag.
ummm…it’s 4 pounds of a heart attack, and the images make me feel sick

This chocolate torte looks sublime. 
Lucky for me it uses a spring-form pan, and I don’t have one so I don’t have to worry about making one and eating it all. (right. Unless I need to go buy a spring-form pan)

See you soon!



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