Move over Buffy…

I’ve been mulling over this Twilight phenomenon for the past few days. With the movie is coming out midnight tonight, the press/media/web has been awash in vampire reports. Just this morning NPR did a story on Forks Washington, the primary setting for the books. Entertainment Weekly has been on this like white on rice for the past month now, they’ve done two covers and a tone of articles. And while they didn’t give glowing reviews they’ve been full of ads and pictures that fawn over the lead characters.

We are in vampire mania…

The soundtrack/album for the movie has topped pop charts at number 1. There are girls (with their moms) by the hundreds lined up outside Hot Topic to get a signed poster from Edward. These girls (and their moms) are swooning and screaming and fainting. They are tattooed with references to the book. (And folks I mean literally, the NYTimes article mentions one girl with an apple tattoo and the word “lamb”).

And I don’t get it. I’ve read the books. They’re fun. It’s light escape reading. It’s 300 pages of wondering if Bella and Edward will ever kiss or if he’ll end up sucking her blood. But…
I’ve read better romance.
I’ve read better YA.
In general….I’ve read better.

But perhaps I just missed the wave on this one. It could be one of those things that you can sweep you up if it hits you at just the right time.

(I remember a study from one of my college classes that argued women were more aroused by porn while they were ovulating. Maybe if my hormones had been tuned right, I’d be more likely to try and go see the new movie…or at least finish the series.)

Maybe all those Harry Potter readers are growing up….

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