I love Science!

Science Fair
by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

Peter and the Starcatchers by Berry and Pearson totally rocks. It’s just the kind of young adult reading I love, action adventure, humor, and a little bit of magic. It’s a wonderful adaptation of a classic that was in desperate need of retelling. And in all fairness I’m happy these Berry and Pearson have found so much success with the series. The book is now part of a 4 (5?) volume series, and the Disney machine has expanded the world they created to include early chapter books and a young reader series.

Being a fan of this dynamic duo, I was already inclined to like this book. The plot has hints of M.T. Anderson’s series Whales on Stilts (2005) and The Clue of the Linoleum Lederhosen (2006) – some of my favorite YA, humor/adventure/sci-fi. Plus it’s go the page turning suspense that I found familiar from the Peter Pan series.

This book is your average plucky kid who gets picked on by the rich-kids and has a couple friends (a boy and a girl) who goes on an amazing wacky adventure that involves everything from the wacky to the miraculous: a chase in an Oscar Mire Weiner Mobil, a hard-core Star Wars fan dressed as Darth Vader, threats to national security, an iphone with magical capabilities, a levitating frog, and the largest Mentos in Diet Coke experiment of all time. These guys through everything in including the kitchen skin, and it’s pure joy. The plot kept me turning the page and the humor was non-stop. This book is the reason I’ve been ignoring chores. This dishes didn’t get done until I could finish.

I can’t say it’s brilliant YA; it’s not going to open minds, but it is 400 pages of pure fun.

Here are a few preview links:

Dave Berry’s column

Science Fair Video, book preview thing on youtube…
Watching this felt like seeing an ad for a book on tv. I felt a strange dislocation and the preprogrammed consumer in me didn’t know I was supposed to go buy a book….


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