Body Image and Interview with Valerie Frankel

In my minimal downtime today, I managed to come across this interview with the author of Thin is the new Happy. I was stuck by how honest and forthcoming the author was.

Most of the women I know have struggled or are struggling with issues surrounding body image. They range on a sliding scale of intensity: sever eating disorders, obsessive dieting, and emotional eating. Body issues seem to be like bad habits, everybody’s got ‘em.

And this book isn’t another Oprah inspired “love your body” message. If loving your body was simple, we would have figured it out by now. Our relationships with our bodies is complicated and really strange, and Mrs. Frankel seems to explore the complexity in a honest/brave way.

I’m putting this book on my radar, and looking out for more from Valerie Frankel.

Check out the interview here.


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