I’m back…for the moment

I know I’ve fallen off the planet. I know, just when I was getting around to a post I’d have to make plans for another summer wedding. And I discovered the real beauty of summer hours: a drink in the afternoon feels so civilized.  But I’m getting back in the game (mostly warming the bench, but I’ve got my jersey on).

Here is what I was reading while I traveled to weddings or drank away my afternoon:

Twilight – Vampires, teen hormones, and a wild chase across the country… all the ingredients of a summer blockbuster. Sarah, our female lead, is perfectly annoying in her teenage insecurities. Other than flunking gym she’s pretty, smart, social, part of a loving family, and has a boyfriend who is crazy about her. The real trouble is that she’s emotionally immature and boring. It’s a good thing her boyfriend is a vampire otherwise the author might have to come up with some real conflict. So what keeps this book going: lust.  It’s page after page of teens almost touching, almost kissing.

Privilege and Scandal:
The Remarkable Life of Herriet Spincer sister of Georgina – Okay, so it turns out the only difference been celebrities today and upper class of the late 19th century is technology.  Harriet had to write long letters, occasionally with code names, Britney and Lindsay can text, email, call, and the paparazzi + celebrity media machine will keep us all informed.  Other than that they both have serious money problems, love affairs, medial issues, and frequent emotional breakdowns.

Hack: How I stopped worrying about what to do with my life and started driving a yellow cab – I’m totally OVER blog books.  I’m not quite sure why I picked this one up. I don’t like to read blogs when I’m looking for a book, and I don’t read a book when what I want is a blog.  It’s the difference between writing a diary vs. writing an essay.  You can go on an on in your journal circling around the same ideas and never draw any conclusions…just musing.  But when you’re writing for your 9th grade English teacher or some swank magazine you’ve go to make some conclusions. That’s all. No more blog books for me.

Crazy in Alabama – Awesome! This book is it’s own genre: Southern Gothic slapstick magical realism. The two interweaving story lines take place in the early sixties.  The main line covers race riots in a small town in Alabama the second one follows Lucile who murders her husband, travels to Hollywood, and launches an acting career. It’s been made in to a movie and I’ve been told it’s crap.  Read the book.

The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing: Traitor to the Nation – M.T. Anderson at his finest.  Historical YA set during the American Revolution the plot is twisted and strange and moving.  It’s dark and wonderful and disturbing. It’s the kind of thing we should be teaching to our kids and getting their brains working!

Devil May Care – Okay, so Random House sent out copies of the new James Bond movie and I read it. It was EXACTLY what you think it is.  It’s macho, misogynistic, the dialogue expository, and the prose cheesy fluff. So if you want to read it make sure you’ve turned off your brain and your martini is within easy reach.

I’m going to try my darndist to get back to this on a regular basis, but I’m leaving for China in 6 days.  I’ll try to post and keep you updated as I travel around with Fred’s family…but I have NO idea what the internet is like over on that side of the world.


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