Superpowers…why bother.

by David J. Schwartz….

Admittedly, I’m NOT the audience for this book. I’m sure there are plenty of folks out there who would enjoy this….maybe…but then again there are people who eat kool-aid pickles. (That’s right, they store pickles in kool-aid. I’m all about salty sweet combos, but that seems absurd)

Here it is:

Five sophomores in college mysteriously acquire superpowers (flight, super speed, super strength, invisibility, and mind reading). Being college sophomores they are emotionally stupid and have a relativity naive world view…just the kind of people you want to write about AND give superpowers to.

Ok. Ok. So I could have called it from the plot line that this book wasn’t going to be any good. But occasionally like to wallow in pop culture candy fluff reading, and occasionally I’ll find something worth passing on. Not this.

1. Bad pot. (see above)
2. Weak characters, but then I’ve never ever come across a writer who could write about college sophomores and make them interesting, compelling, or entertaining. Ever. Dawson’s Creek does not count.
3. All little too self-aware…. Oh boy could I go on about the faux author/report who has a few chapters of his own to make comments about the story he’s telling. An author’s note or end note would have been sufficient.
4. Did I mention it’s a 9/11 book?
5. Dialogue includes a boy who’s locked himself in his apartment while his ex-lover/friend is pounding on the door to come in. “You don’t love me.” If you can find a 20 year old straight good look male who would utter those words to a horny sexy ex…let me know.

What’s sad about this is that I’m sure David Schwartz is a great guy. I’m sure he’s got other great pieces and projects. I’ll bet he’s a great guy have a beer with….I’m sure he’d understand how crazy kool-aid pickles are.


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