Book Review #16, I love Bone…

Bone Volumes 1-2
By Jeff Smith
bone in love

I’ve been skipping around a lot in my reading. Jumping from here to there. I’ve also been sick over the past week, and my head just couldn’t focus for long, all the words would start to turn fuzzy. But I’m back in the pink of health and ready to tell you all about Bone, a indie comic book series that was originally released in 55 issues from 1991 to 2004. And it’s been collected by Scholastic and reissued in individual volumes.
(check out wikipedia if you want more info)

The story is a fantasy adventure who’s central character, Fone Bone is a charming, brave hero who looks a bit like a Smerf or Peanuts character. He’s instantly likeable, warm, and from the very first panel you’re routing for him. I love being swept off my feet by a character.

Once I was in the comic it was a delight to find that the writing is expertly timed. Each joke comes with the right visual and language that only reminds me of the work of Bill Waterston. Like a perfectly timed joke, Jeff Smith knows how to draw/write what’s funny. In between the light laughs are wonderful moments of sadness, disappointment, and fear. Bravo. Bravo.

I’m only up to the second volume of a series of nine, but so far the characters are well rendered and have developed a group dynamic that’s going to make for some good reading in the future. I don’t want to speculate to far in advance, and predict problems. So let’s just say that some of the plot developments in the second volume were vague and unexplained. I didn’t get a good sense of what was really going on, but I’ve got faith that all will be explained in the following issues. Right now I’m happy just to follow world that Jeff Smith has created.

Bone has been around for a while, and anyone in the comics world has read it…so I’m a little out of the loop…..but I finally got here. I’m in love with it. It’s funny, smart, entertaining. It’s everything that good fiction should be. And not only is he using words to tell the story he’s DRAWING the damn thing. Sorry for being so slow, but it’s truly incredible to take two mediums and combine them to tell a story. I’m impressed when writers to a good job sticking with one medium. But to draw the thing…well color me impressed.

Check out the website!


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