I’m not the only one with pest problems!

A couple who live in the the Ansonia have cockroach infestation that sounds kind of biblical. The NY Times reports on their nasty infestation. I’m not sure where I stand on cockroaches v. bedbugs. I say they are equally gross….but there are so many products out there to kill cockroaches and only a few to kill bedbugs. Plus bedbugs feed on your blood and as far as I know roaches don’t attack humans. So gross factor aside, they need a serious cleaning.

The couple is currently suing the management company. And the bugs have gotten everywhere: floors, walls, curtains, and the bed. As evidence, they’ve collected about 50 dead roaches over the last three days, storing them in a jar, and they are also keeping a log of roach sightings.

New York can be one nasty city.


3 Replies to “I’m not the only one with pest problems!”

  1. It isn’t, apparently, an urban myth that roaches crawl in your ear.
    Nor that the body of a decapitated roach will continue to react for 24 hours, which was apparently useful to entomologist Thomas Eisner, in early experiments fascinatingly detailed in his memoirs.
    While in Taiwan I had my first ever weevil run-in, which I was traumatized enough to blog about at the time.
    Hi from H-nv-y!

  2. Hanvey — Holy smokes! They craw in your ear….way grooossssss!!! We’ll have to swap pest stories some time. You can tell me about weevils and I can regale you with tales of bedbugs….

    Ballard — I can’t wait till you move too!

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