Great Brooklyn Bookstore!

This weekend Fred and I took a stroll through Carroll Gardens and discovered Pranga Bookstore on Court St. and President St — a book store with freak’n unbeatable prices.  When was the last time you spend under 5 bucks for a book?  Talk about kid in a candy store….I went a little nuts.  I dropped 10 bucks  and picked up a couple YA titles and a novel by Carrie Fisher. yeah!

Pranga Bookstore is tucked away from the main drag, just one block up from Smith St. The down stairs has an extensive children’s section and a clean well kept fiction shelves.  The YA section in the back is a little small, but you can’t beat 2 bucks for a book.  The real steals are upstairs.  The books are deeply discounted ($3-5), but the sections aren’t alphabetized. I got a little cross eyed, and eventually I just gave up. 

I usually rack up at least 3 buck in library fines… can bet I’ll be back.


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