the new york times does it again!

I’m still reading the NYTimes Magazine cover story, so I don’t have a full review, but you should check it out here.

So much of what were told about our heath comes from by magazines, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and the web….but what if this information is based on shaky science? The first half of the article focus on the research done on HRI (hormone replacement therapy) initially it was thought that HRI prevented heart disease and many women were put on drugs that they didn’t need, that might have even caused them harm.

“The question of how many women may have died prematurely or suffered strokes or breast cancer because they were taking a pill that their physicians had prescribed to protect them against heart disease lingers unanswered. A reasonable estimate would be tens of thousands.”

— wow.

In the meantime, I’ll just eat my veggies and keep up the exercise….the fewer drugs I’m taking the better.


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