Review #3: comic books comic books!

I know I said I’d be reviewing a couple super hero comics (Batman and Daredevil)….but considering that most of you are not comic book readers, I thought that I’d mention a couple non-super hero comics.

I got into comics through the side door. I didn’t fall in love with them as a kid, although Calvin and Hobbs have a special place in my heart. I got into comic books because I started working on one my boyfriend was making. (It’s a little indie project that you can see here).

Once I started to make them, I wanted to start reading them. Lucky for me I’ve had a guide to give me a tour (yeah Fred!)
I’m not yet a card carrying member of the comic book community. I’m not fluent in comic speak, and I get left behind when comic people are talking shop. Even so, I’ve done my first convention, and I’ve fallen love with some artists and stories… yes…lord help me, I’ve become a comic book fan.

So here are a couple of quick recommendations if you are new to comics and the idea of men in spandex is a little to out there:

1. Super Spy by Matt Kendt. This books is awesome….way awesome. It’s about spies during world war two. The stories are divided up in to vignettes with file numbers. Each piece is a little story that’s part of a large tangled story. You can read them in the order they appear and try to untangle the web, or you can follow the numbers and get everything in order. The art is simple and quite exquisite. Kindt’s lines and colors are well suited to the stories he’s telling.

2. The King by Rich Koslowski. Ok so this book is awesome too. A former writer for the Enquirer is hired by Time magazine to do a feature story on a particular Elvis impersonator that is causing quite a buzz. We follow along the writer’s investigation and interviews with the King and his followers. The story is fun and has just the right amount of mystery to pull you along at a nice pace. The art is simple and easy to follow for someone who’s not used to following along the pages of a comic book. I wouldn’t call this piece a masterful work. The writing is weak and a little cliché’. But I’m willing to over look the writing to get to a fun story about an Elvis impersonator. Besides, there’s some stuff out there that is a lot worse.

I know that indie comics can be hard to find, so don’t be afraid to go to your local comic book store and ask them to order it. You might even be able to get it through your bookstore. Both books are published by Top Shelf and you can find them here.


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