Holy Bed Bugs Batman!!

In my mind, bed bugs have always been one of those pests of yore. You know, long long ago….the feudal system of lords and peasants is still in place. Back then people didn’t brush their teeth or know a thing about germs. But we got cleaner. No a days we’ve got all kinds of chemicals to keep us safe from…..dirt, bugs, mice, cockroaches, and the list goes on.

Here in New York., we’ve got a bed bug epidemic. It’s all over the city and this includes my apartment. I’m living with nasty blood sucking bugs that feed nightly on my flesh.

Here’s what I know about beg bugs:
They feed on blood (way gross)
They can go up to 18 months without feeding.
They are extremely hard to kill.
They are everywhere
They are exceptionally hard to get rid of.

Fred and I discovered them about 3 weeks ago and flew into a panic. We threw out the bed and the bed frame (where we found clusters of them). I threw out my curtains and a rug. I cleaned everything and then jumped on the internet. Ok, so if you ever find bedbugs don’t go on the internet. Just call your local exterminators and ask them if they can take care of bedbugs. The internet is chocked full of horror stories about people who’ve been living with bedbugs for the past year and still haven’t gotten rid of them. There are people who’ve evacuated their homes for up to 3 months. Don’t read these stories.

As for me, my life has become one long wait at Laundry City. It’s the only way to get the bugs out of my clothes and sheets. Every two to three days I have to do a load of laundry. I have to get all the dry cleaning done. So far I’ve had two visits from the exterminator. I’m sleeping on the futon.

And this is going on all over New York, from the Upper East Side to the Bronx, to Brooklyn to Queens…..this place is being over run with bedbugs. I say we have crop dusting plans fly over the city and just douse this place with some good old fashion DDT. Down with Bed Bugs, Long live DDT.


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