holy cow this guy ate A LOT of popcorn

More fun from the New York Times.

When I first started reading I just kept thinking, “No NO…first it’s my trans-fat french fries, now microwave popcorn!!!” Turns out there’s a chemical, diacetyl, that’s in butter flavor. When the popcorn is heated the diacetyl becomes a vapor. Think about that first hot wave of fake butter smell when you open the bag….breath deep. The vapor can cause serious lung damage.

My thoughts drifted to one of my first jobs popping popcorn in a movie theater. Could my hours working the popper plus my love for Orval Redenbacher put me at risk?

Not really. Turns out this guy in the article had been eating 2 bags a day for the past 10 years, consuming considerably more than me. Still….I’ll think twice about ordering the double layer of butter ooze. Pass the thin mints.


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